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Death Dreams At Christmas (paperback) – Released 25th November 2017. All orders placed will be dispatched on release date.

 £7.00 (inc p&p)

J. R. Park lends his particular brand of new-wave pulp horror to the festive season, with twelve twisted tales of yuletide terror. From ghosts to psycho-Santas to killer nativity scenes, the turkey’s not the only thing that’s getting served.

Featuring the stories: Once A Year, The Girl With The Reindeer Tattoo, Christmas Wrath, A Christmas Tradition, Black Aura, Fragmented, Behold All The Angels, A Touch Of Frost, Dear Constance, The Thirteenth Day and The Wassailer.

Also containing A Demon In Santa, written by the author when he was ten years old.

‘J. R. Park is a much needed shot in the arm for gritty pulp horror.’ – DLS Reviews


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Death Dreams In A Whorehouse (paperback) 

 £7.00 (inc p&p)

“I might as well get straight to the point here – this is a frigging superb short story!  Think Eli Roth’s ‘Hostel’ (2005) meets Edward Lee’s ‘The Chosen’ (1993), crossed with a Clive Barker style search for the ultimate sensual thrill.  Wrap that all up in a fast-paced, tightly-written and incredibly atmospheric short story – and you’ve got yourself one hell of an entertaining read,” wrote DLS reviews about Clandestine Delights, one of the stories featured in this volume.

Death Dreams in a Whorehouse collects nine blood-soaked tales of terror and intrigue from the mind of J. R. Park; a mind that Scream magazine described as ‘one of the darkest places in the universe’.

Containing the stories Treats, Mandrill, Connors, Clandestine Delights, Head Spin, The Svalbard Horror, Screams In The Night, The Festering Death and I Love You.

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Mad Dog (paperback)

 £7.00 (inc p&p)

“You don’t need my expert opinion of the esoteric to know there was something very, very wrong with him.” – Father Matthews

Mad Dog Mooney was a ghost story. A legend that spooked even the most hardened of criminals. But when he came to Darkdale prison he proved all too real.

The inmates are shell shocked by his arrival and rumours persist of his strange behaviour, whilst accusations of cannibalism from the media are not forgotten.
As tensions grow amongst the prison population, a jail break is planned to take place under the ethereal glow of a full moon.

Mad Dog is an oral history, a compilation of testimonies from witnesses to the atrocity that befell Darkdale prison.


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Postal (paperback – 5″x8″ version, unavailable via Amazon) 

 £6.00 (inc p&p)

“Postal is a sly and sharp slice of visceral wish fulfillment that is well worthy of your time and money.”

It was a bold move, an initiative by a truly inspirational leader.

The scheme was a simple one. Each month a letter would be sent to selected people; thirteen in total. Within that month the receiver of the letter was given the lawful right to kill one person. It didn’t matter who it was or how they did it. The receiver granted the right to commit murder with no legal consequences.

Each month people wondered whether this time they’d be randomly selected. Whether they’d be chosen to make their lives that little bit easier by killing the person who was making it unnecessarily harder.


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The Offering: An Introduction To The Sinister Horror Company (paperback) 

 £6.00 (inc p&p)

“Highlights for me were Easter Hunt and Bowline Moor but special mention to the incredible foreword which sets up this gem of a collection perfectly.”

The Sinister Horror Company places nine tales of horror on the sacrificial alter for your pleasure.

From devilish genies to decomposing whores to space stations under siege, be prepared to take a walk through the dark imaginations of Daniel Marc Chant and J. R. Park.

The Offering features the following short stories:

Soft Centred, Fear Is Seldom Silent, The Incident, Easter Hunt & Contacts by J. R. Park

The Last Of Vincent Hunt, The Beast Of Bowline Moor, Ultra & Which Of The Favours Will You Deny? by Daniel Marc Chant.

A Winter’s Feast : Foreword by George Anderson


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The Exchange (paperback) 

 £7.00 (inc p&p)


“An engaging story that will leave you in wonder– highly recommended.”

Reservoir Dogs meets Alice In Wonderland, infected by the cosmic terror of HP Lovecraft.

An epic tale of fantastical horror, as a group of teenagers get caught up in an apocalyptic plot involving criminal underlords, religious sects and sadistic maniacs.

With bloodthirsty unicorns, gun totting gangsters, ancient cults and demon spawn, The Exchange is a wild ride, unlike anything Park has put out before.


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Upon Waking (paperback) 

 £7.00 (inc p&p)


“Explosive and stomach churning… an absolute masterclass in gut-wrenchingly violent horror.” – DLS Reviews

Nothing will prepare you for the brutality of J.R. Park’s grinding horror, Upon Waking. Pitch-black in tone and relentless in vivid gory imagery, it follows the exploits

of a serial killer operating in plain sight with only the thin veil of social veneer as camouflage.

Welcome to a place where the lucky ones die quickly.  Upon waking, the nightmare truly begins.

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 Punch (paperback)

£7.00 (inc p&p)


“Fast paced and violent pulp horror… with one of the most memorable endings in recent memory.” – Ginger Nuts Of Horror

A love letter to the golden age of slashers, but with a refreshing twist to the proceedings.

Punch and Judy man, Martin Powell, returns after ten years with a dark secret. As his past is revealed Martin must face the anger of the hostile townsfolk, pushing him to the very edge of sanity.

The police force of this once sleepy town can’t react quick enough as they watch the body count grow at the hands of a costumed killer. Can they do enough to halt the malicious mayhem of the twisted Punch?

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Terror Byte (paperback)

£7.00 (inc p&p)

“Part Philip K Dick and part Guy N Smith. Dark, gritty and ostensibly atmospheric.”TBAmazon2

J.R. Park’s debut sets his stall out with the rapid fire tale of Detective Norton, a street tough cop who is still grieving the murder of his girlfriend when he is called to investigate the daylight slaughter of an entire office. Rumours of a mysterious, lethal computer program reveal the conspiracy of a technological killer. Fighting for survival Norton must also battle his inner demons, the wrath of MI5 and a beautiful but deadly mercenary only known as Orchid.

Unseen, undetectable and unstoppable. In the age of technology the most deadly weapon is a few lines of code.

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