A list of the limited releases that pepper J. R. Park’s back catalogue.

The Offering version 1. Produced in 2015 as free giveaway to people signing up to the Sinister Horror Company newsletter. Produced as an ebook. Only 4 copies of the paperback was every produced. Featuring the J. R. Park story Connors.

Hardback – The initial release of Upon Waking in 2015 saw 30 hardback books created with colour chapters showing the rose and blood splash in red.

Horroroboros – Released on ebook for a week during Halloween 2015. Horroroboros is a story written together by Duncan P Bradshaw, Daniel Marc Chant and J. R. Park. Also contains an interview with J. R. Park and early draft of The Exchange’s first chapter. A hardback version was created with only 4 in existence.

Pulp Editions – Terror Byte, Punch, Upon Waking and The Exchange were created into smaller ‘pulp’ sizes (4″ x 7″). Only a few sets were made, and only one has been released to the public during the 2016 Christmas giveaway.

Hardbacks – Terror Byte and Punch were created as deluxe hardbacks in 2016, featuring original ads, additional chapters, inspiration and deleted material. Punch also contained the original film script that was written before the novel. Only a handful of each were created.

Hell Of  A Guy – created in September 2016 by J. R. Park and Chris Hall to present as a gift to Guy N Smith on the 25th Guy N Smith convention. Features two J. R. Park stories: The Festering Death & Contacts.

The Festering Death & Contacts – created using a rejected cover for Guy N Smith’s The Festering. This was made shortly after J bought the image from the Guy convention in 2016. This was made purely for fun, with around 10 copies being produced.

Fear Is Seldom Silent – written as a challenge to create four stories with randomly pre-selected objects, this book was created as a gift to friends over Christmas 2016, with a few given away to competition winners in January 2017. Only 10 were created. Contains original versions of the stories: Fear Is Seldom Silent, Head Spin, A Christmas Tradition and The Svalbard Horror.

Halloween Night – a short story released as a free ebook for Halloween 2017.