The Exchange

“The most purely entertaining horror novel I’ve read this year. And it has unicorns!”

“The Exchange is the stuff of nightmares.”

“A thrill ride of suspense, action and mystery.”

“Let Park drag you into a world of violence, conflict, ruthless vengeance and desperately heroic actions, as mankind blindly edges towards utter annihilation.  Oh yeah, it’s that good!”

Unemployed and out of ideas, Jake and his friends head into town for something to do.

But before long they are in over their heads.

Determined to get their friend back from the clutches of a lethal and shadowy group, the teenagers find themselves in possession of an object with mysterious powers.

With their sanity crumbling amidst a warping reality, the gang are cornered on a wasteland in the middle of the city, caught in a bloodthirsty battle between criminal underlords, religious sects and sadistic maniacs.

Nightmares become reality as the stakes begin to rise. Who will have the upper hand and who will survive this deadly encounter as they bargain for their lives in this most deadly exchange.