Upon Waking


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“The horror is explosive and stomach-churning… An absolute masterclass in gut-wrenchingly violent horror.” – DLS Reviews

“J.R. Park has written one of the most painfully twisted books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  I loved it!” – 2 Book Lovers

“Justin Park needs help. I can’t think of any other way of putting it. The part of his mind that this story came from must be one of the darkest darkest places in the universe. His writing however, is just wonderful.” – Confessions of a Reviewer

“Expect absolutely horrific scenes, that even the most hardened of readers will find shocking.” – Matt Hickam, author of Jeremy

“Its almost like poetry, in form and prose. But its a trick. A fantastically disgusting trick.” – Thomas S Flowers, author of Reinheit

“Seriously – but this book!” – Matt Shaw, author of the Black Cover series



JR Park, Horror, Fiction, Sinister Horror Company


What woke you from your sleep?
Was it the light coming through the curtains?  The traffic from the street outside?
Or was it the scratching through the walls?  The cries of tormented anguish from behind locked doors?  The desperate clawing at the woodwork from a soul hell bent on escape?
Welcome to a place where the lucky ones die quickly.
Upon waking, the nightmare truly begins.